Get making this Halloween!

Get making this Halloween!

Get making this Halloween!

Halloween is a big night on the calendar for little ones. It’s going to be a little different this year but although the children can’t get together for parties it can still be really exciting and memorable. It’s a great excuse to make fun and easy decorations for the house and spooky food and drinks to enjoy with a scary movie.

Ghost Garland DIY

Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping


Why not make some ghostly paper garlands like these?

  1. Fold paper over accordion style and draw a ghost template. Don’t forget to draw the arms to the edge so your ghosts are attached to each other (all is not lost if it goes wrong – you could string a ribbon through the ghosts or attach to string with tiny pegs).
  2. Cut around your ghost template
  3. Hang up and enjoy! 

Other shapes could be cute too; why not try pumpkins or bats?

Spider Plate DIY

This not-too-scary spider plate is an easy make for younger children. You just need to paint a paper plate black, add googly eyes, fangs and pipe cleaner legs. Popping little doll shoes on the legs is a funny touch but shoes cut out of colourful cardboard would look just as good.

Banana Ghouls

If you’re looking for some Halloween-themed snacks that aren’t full of sugar these banana ghouls and clementine pumpkins are perfect. Just cut peeled bananas in half and push little chocolate drops into them as eyes and a mouth and voila - a ghost! Add a celery stalk to peeled clementines or tangerines for a nutritious pumpkin treat.

Whatever you get up to this Halloween we hope you that you have a fabulous and spooky time!

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