Welcome to our newest monthly series on the blog! We wanted to share with you some of our lovely Powell Craft stockists and delve deeper into why they love what they do. To kick things off, we thought we would start with our Christmas Window competition winners and first up, is Moda in Folkestone!
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Taking third place in our Christmas window competition is Moda which is located at 11 Rendezvous Street in the creative quarter of Folkestone. We were dazzled by Moda’s exotic-looking window filled with a cornucopia of gifts and beautiful decorative accessories for the home in jewel-toned colours and our hot pink bird dressing gown hanging in prime position on a lacquered screen. Shop owners Amy and John told us about the creativity and motivation behind their successful business:

Tell us about how your business got started. What was the inspiration and what gap in the market had you identified? 
Moda has been running for over 15 years, so we are now well-established as a go-to shop for locals and tourists alike. We sell a broad range of products including home and gift, fashion accessories, and much more.

What is your background and how did you develop the skills to start and manage your business? 
We are both from an art background and found that this has helped in developing the look and feel of the shop, as we always try and source eclectic and unique products that are displayed in an artistic setting.

What do you like best about running your business?
Sourcing new items for the shop is always fun and we always try and enjoy what we do, which we hope comes across to our customers.

How long have you been stocking Powell Craft and what are your favourite products? 
We have been stocking Powell Craft for around two years now and we love the patterned dressing gowns.

    How has it been for you during Covid and the recession? Have you had to make a lot of changes? 
    The lockdowns were a blow, but we used the time to decorate and add new shelving, lighting and displays in the shop. We have also expanded our product ranges. Since reopening we have been consistently busy, and we have not seen the recession affecting us significantly yet.

      What do you look for when choosing which brand and which products to stock? 
      We generally look for quirky, quality products with eye-catching colours, patterns and designs.

      Where do you get inspiration for your window displays? 
      The shop and window displays are an integral part of the ethos of the shop we always try and create colourful, fun and opulent displays.

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