Let’s get the kids away from the TV and the gadgets and get them outdoors! Don’t let this colder weather keep them in, or the thought they might get ill. In fact, according to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases there is no evidence that exposure to cold weather causes the common cold – so bundle up and get out there!

We have put together an array of fun ways to get the kids excited for being in the outdoors.



Scavenger Hunt

Why not head to the local park or to the beach and create a list of items your children can look out for to find and collect. If you have children that can’t read, why not use images to show what they need to find. Get them interested in the world around them by encouraging them to really notice their surroundings.

Why not then take the items you have found home and create some form of artwork with it – a collage, paint a stone, make an animal- a castle whatever their hearts desire using woodland items? They could then maybe take their creations to school for show and tell!

Check for local events

National Trust or woodland centres provide special activities throughout the year. So check your local newspaper or county website and checking what they have going on!

Enjoy your own outdoor Olympics

Creating your own outdoor Olympics could be lots of fun for the whole family as well as getting them moving and active. Who can win the 100m sprint to the beach? Obstacle course at the park? Who can throw the furthest? Get your children to come up with ideas for races or events and celebrate the winners of each event. (You could get medals from most pound stores or the party section in the Supermarket)


Geocaching is a great way to explore new areas and find some treasure. The idea is to download co-ordinates where the treasure is located and use a GPS device or mobile to locate it.  The treasure is usually a small container with a log book to sign to say you found it and if you’re lucky some contain little toys (Swaps) to take away!

Plant a garden

Gardening is a great family activity. That can help teach children about life-cycles, pollination and nutrition, just to name a few! Whether it’s in your own yard or a community garden – why not plant a garden with your child. One to benefit humans and wildlife.

Build a fort

No batteries, no instructions just a load of fun and satisfaction! Bushes, trees, blankets, cardboard boxes. Let your child’s imagination run wild! Why not have a picnic inside when all the hard work is done?

Go Berry Picking

Why not take the kids berry picking? Whether that be finding what you can on a walk or going to a berry farm. It can be lots of fun and when you get home to cook up a nice scrummy treat together with whatever you find – like a nice fruity crumble or pie!

We’d love to know how you encourage your little ones to get outdoors! Whether you’ve tried some of the above or have other ideas. Leave us a comment below 🙂


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