Charity Donations

Every Child’s Sleep Gives a Big Dream in India

Mobile Crèches was established in Delhi 1969 by two women – Meera Mahadevan and Devika Singh. They began by running crèches for children at construction sites which enabled parents to work securely in the knowledge that their children were being well cared for. This was followed by a school for older children and adult literacy for the parents and expansion to other cities. The programme now includes medical check-ups, immunisation, nutrition and hygiene. Over the last 49 years, Mobile Creches have touched the lives of almost a million children and trained thousands of crèche workers.

We are proud to have been supporting Mobile Crèches for over ten years, we donate 20p from each piece of children’s nightwear on our retail website and a percentage of all nightwear sales on our trade website.

Additionally, over the years we have supported Chestnut Tree House, the Salvation Army, St Petrocs Society and Cornwall Hospice Southwest with donations topping £100,000.


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Hope & Aid Direct started back in 1999 during the Balkans War, where they helped desperate and very poor people, in areas like Kosovo. Hope & Aid Direct identify what aid is required and source items to convoy. They are 100% volunteer led UK based humanitarian aid charity. Nobody takes a salary, and all money donated is used to provide aid to people who really need it. 

They are currently working on helping refugees fleeing Syria in Greece. Greece currently have over 60,000 refugees stranded in their country. 

Powell Craft LTD, donated 8 boxes of Children's clothes to Hope & Aid Direct in February 2019. This was dead stock we had sitting in the warehouse and felt that Hope & Aid Direct was the perfect charity to donate them to. We hate the idea of any unsold stock going to landfill! Hope & Aid Direct, took the dead stock to Greece, where they were handed out to children and families who needed clothing. 

Thank you Hope & Aid Direct for everything you do! 


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In 1972, Woodland Trust was started by a group of friends sitting around a kitchen table in Devon. Their priority at the time was to save ancient woodlands. Today they are the largest woodland charity in the UK with over 500,000 supporters. Their vision is to have a UK rich in native woods and trees for people and wildlife to enjoy. 

We started supporting Woodland Trust in November 2020. Our planet is so important to us. For every 25p donated on our online shop, we will match it. We're hoping by 2025 we have raised enough money for the Woodland Trust to complete their Big Climate Fightback mission of planting 50 million trees.