“Far up in the deep blue sky.

Great white clouds are floating by,

All the world is dressed in green,
Many happy birds are seen,
Roses bright and sunshine clear,
Show that lovely July is here.”
By F. G. Sanders

 ~ Mindful thoughts, fashion, creative inspiration this July from us here at Powell Craft ~





Nautical Pinafore Dress

Mixed Floral Pinafore Dress

Birds of Paradise Strapped Pyjamas

~ Make time to be creative  ~


Go outside, grab a sketchbook and make art!

Art can be very therapeutic and an extremely relaxing activity. Even if you claim you didn’t get the ‘artistic gene’ everyone has their own way of expressing their creativity- and what a better way to soak up some sunshine!

Get the kids out too! Maybe go to a castle or for a walk in the forest and make stops to draw what you see and then compare your masterpieces!


Jodie Nightdress

Pirate cord dungarees

Blue Floral dress with lace trims


We are loving all the gorgeous recipes over at GREEN KITCHEN STORIES

Both their blog and published cook books are filled with divine, healthy, fresh eats!

We love their grilled BEET BURGERS! Perfect when hosting a nice BBQ.

J ump for joy

U plift others

L ove yourself

Y ou got this

We hope you all have a glorious summer 

  • – Powell Craft x

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