STOCKIST SPOTLIGHT: Goodnight Sweetheart

STOCKIST SPOTLIGHT: Goodnight Sweetheart

We are thrilled to kick off 2024 with our first Stockist Spotlight, introducing you to the delightful Teri Trickett, the creative mind behind 'Goodnight Sweetheart'. Teri's love for history and vintage allure has intricately woven her path from a three-decade teaching career to a distinguished presence in the realm of vintage-inspired sleep and lounge wear. Dive deeper into Teri's story by clicking the link below and discovering the unique tale behind 'Goodnight Sweetheart'.
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Tell us about how your business got started. What was the inspiration and what gap in the market had you identified? From a small child I had a love of history and all things past. I would often be found floating about in Laura Ashley cotton dresses or my mum’s handmade dresses and they were always reminiscent of a bygone age.  Growing up we’d enjoy finding unique vintage items from charity shops etc… and my love of history led me to a degree in the subject. After a thirty-year career as a Primary and Special Needs teacher, I began to combine my passion for history with part time teaching. I began with online sales of vintage and soon became aware that customers shared my love of vintage nightwear, but it was incredibly difficult to source. 

As a teenager, my Saturday job was to open up and run a small independent lingerie shop, next door to my Dad’s country clothing shop, so perhaps Goodnight Sweetheart was always destined to be, one day! My family also have over 35 years of trading in Shrewsbury Indoor Market Hall and my Mum’s Antiques and Vintage stall was passed on to my eldest son and renamed ‘Generations’ to reflect this. As I spent time helping him on his stall, the opportunity arose to have a pop up one day a week, on the stall opposite and thus, ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’ in her physical form was born.  I found Powell Craft as my first supplier and I felt they shared my love of vintage inspired, natural, sustainable fabrics and knew their makers and their communities and cared about them. Over the past 4 years Goodnight Sweetheart has grown from a little pop up to a permanent full time stall on the canopy floor of Shrewsbury Market and also has an outlet based in ‘Ironbridge Vintage Corner’ a gorgeous vintage and vintage inspired shop based at The Merrythought Village

What is your background and how did you develop the skills to start and manage your business? I was a teacher for over 30 years, but lived and breathed retail all my life due to my parents being in business. Back in the 1980’s my father designed, made and developed his own brand of waxed jackets and quilted waistcoats to rival the big brands such as Barbour!! He did all the county shows and fairs and had both a shop and a market stall, in Shrewsbury. He had local seamstresses making his products in their own homes. I just wish I had inherited his sewing and designing skills!! I had a side hustle at uni selling his products to fellow students!! My Mum, loved vintage and antiques and is quite the expert in antique ceramics. If you watch any of the antiques programmes on TV, Mum knows all the dealers and has even helped some of them out in their early days, with her encyclopaedic knowledge! She’s also very knowledgeable about antique and vintage textiles. In fact, she’s just a walking encyclopaedia of all things antique!! I also think that the ability to juggle a million things at once comes in handy when teaching and running a business and I’ve always thrived on keeping my rather buzzy brain, busy! 

What do you like best about running your business? I love working in Shrewsbury Indoor Market. It is absolutely what a market should be with its combination of the traditional, alongside independent boutiques, makers, artists, delis and the great foodie cafes too. I always describe it as a bit like Covent Garden with its indie vibe and it’s just won Britain’s Favourite Market for the second year on the run.  I enjoy a hop over to Ironbridge (a World Heritage Site) and again, Vintage Corner is full of independent traders who make or source vintage or vintage inspired products. 

What are your favourite Powell Craft products? I started out with vintage inspired white nightdresses and hand block cotton dressing gowns and to be honest they are still my best sellers. However, I just love Powell Craft products and if you asked me to choose just one, that would be impossible! Over recent years, the children's pjs, nightdresses and toys have become good sellers and compliment my adult range. 

What do you look for when choosing which brand and what products to stock? I stick to my principal of ethical and sustainable with a vintage twist. I love quality and Powell Craft never fails to deliver. My products may cost a bit more, but my customers know that they are buying a product that is not only gorgeous but will last.  As a small independent, I also look for exclusivity as that is vital in such a niche market. 

How do you envision Goodnight Sweetheart in five years? I hope to continue to develop my brand and possibly even branch out to other markets within Shropshire. 

Are there any unique services or features that set you apart from other businesses? Customers love my bespoke service especially as Powell Craft are happy to take bespoke orders. I have a small clientele via Instagram and love that we have a conversation before I post out and because of that I’ve never had a return! I also offer free gift wrapping and that is a real USP which my customers love. I use the beautiful boxes from Powell Craft and it is a pleasure to see customers faces light up with delight when I’ve wrapped, ribboned and pack their gift for a loved one. I will also deliver locally and this is something that some of my customers are very grateful of. Also, in Shrewsbury, I am the only shop focused entirely on sleep and lounge wear which, I think, sets me apart. 

Where and how can customers reach you? My online presence is via Instagram @goodnight_sweetheart_shrews and Facebook I have resisted setting up a website as I prefer the interaction of my stall or messaging via social media so that I can provide a bespoke and personal service.  You can also find me on the Market Hall website and follow @ironbridge_vintage_corner on Instagram. 

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