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Happy Earth Day everyone!

Here at Powell Craft we are passionate about reducing our commercial waste. One of the biggest fights of today is plastic pollution. Not only is it impacting our waters and marine life, but also the food chain and our overall health. Around 300 million tons of plastic are sold each year and 90% of that is thrown away. To help do your bit for our planet, there are ways you can help reduce your plastic waste.

Here are my top 5 tips . . .

Powell Craft tips on how to reduce plastic


    1. Say ‘NO’ to straws – In America alone, 500 million straws are used every day. They are used for a few minutes and then discarded. Once in the environment, they never decompose but break up into smaller pieces. Small and light, they can end up lodged in the nostrils of sea turtles and perforating the stomachs of penguins. Can’t live without your plastic straws? Simply, purchase a reusable one. This isn’t the solution though. Corporations, like MacDonalds, need to take responsibility and reduce the amount of waste they create. By refusing a plastic straw it will help get the message across that they need to stop handing them out when you purchase drinks.
    2. Use a reusable coffee cup – Did you know that 100 billion single-use coffee cups are thrown away globally each year? A multitude of coffee cups can’t be recycled as they are lined with invisible plastic to make them waterproof. Some independent coffee shops have started serving coffee in compostable cups but a majority haven’t made the change. If you are not sure if your local coffee shop is using compostable cups, you can get your coffee fix by using a reusable cup. Some coffee shops will offer you a small discount to fill up your reusable coffee cup. Just think of the money you would save! All you need to do is to remember to carry one around in your bag.
    3. Drink tap water – In the UK alone, we get through 8 million single-use bottled water a year, with only a fraction being recycled. Luckily our government is taking note and more water refill stations will be popping up around the country making it a lot easier to use a refillable water bottle. Please don’t be tempted to re-use your Evian plastic bottle! A lot of the plastics used to make single-use bottles become toxic after multi-use and are not BPA safe!
    4. Swop your plastic toothbrush – Toothbrushes are hard to recycle as they are made from a multitude of materials (plastics containing crude oil and bristles made from nylon). The average human will use 156 toothbrushes in a lifetime. The solution? Non-plastic toothbrushes! I have been using The Environmental Toothbrush which is made from bamboo and love it! The quality is excellent and didn’t cost the earth (£3 at Brighton’s local health food shop, Infinity Foods).
    5. Stop buying food wrapped in plastic – Large supermarket chains have been wrapping fruit and vegetables in unnecessary plastic for a while now. It is convenient for shoppers to grab a non-recyclable bag of potatoes or a tray of tenderstem broccoli when they are on the go, but our laziness is hurting the environment. Most fruit and veg have their own natural wrapping and can be easily washed before eating. Selling an individual avocado on a little plastic tray wrapped in plastic is very unneeded. Marks and Spencer have taken note of this and started selling avocado unwrapped and with the barcode laser printed onto the skin, so no sticky labels needed. Ways you can help? Go to your local market or independent shop and buy local, seasonal, unpackaged fruit and veg! Tends to be cheaper and free from harmful chemical wrapping.

So there you have it! Our top 5 tips to reduce plastic waste. There are lots of other things you can do and you can find them here. If you have any tips on how to reduce plastic waste, please share in the comments below  🙂




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