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EARTH DAY: End Plastic Pollution

take the plastic pledge

Image courtesy of Greenpeace

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Here at Powell Craft we are passionate about reducing our commercial waste. One of the biggest fights of today is plastic pollution. Not only is it impacting our waters and marine life, but also the food chain and our overall health. Around 300 million tons of plastic are sold each year and 90% of that is thrown away. To help do your bit for our planet, there are ways you can help reduce your plastic waste.

Here are my top 5 tips . . .

Powell Craft tips on how to reduce plastic


    1. Say ‘NO’ to straws – In America alone, 500 million straws are used every day. They are used for a few minutes and then discarded. Once in the environment, they never decompose but break up into smaller pieces. Small and light, they can end up lodged in the nostrils of sea turtles and perforating the stomachs of penguins. Can’t live without your plastic straws? Simply, purchase a reusable one. This isn’t the solution though. Corporations, like MacDonalds, need to take responsibility and reduce the amount of waste they create. By refusing a plastic straw it will help get the message across that they need to stop handing them out when you purchase drinks.
    2. Use a reusable coffee cup – Did you know that 100 billion single-use coffee cups are thrown away globally each year? A multitude of coffee cups can’t be recycled as they are lined with invisible plastic to make them waterproof. Some independent coffee shops have started serving coffee in compostable cups but a majority haven’t made the change. If you are not sure if your local coffee shop is using compostable cups, you can get your coffee fix by using a reusable cup. Some coffee shops will offer you a small discount to fill up your reusable coffee cup. Just think of the money you would save! All you need to do is to remember to carry one around in your bag.
    3. Drink tap water – In the UK alone, we get through 8 million single-use bottled water a year, with only a fraction being recycled. Luckily our government is taking note and more water refill stations will be popping up around the country making it a lot easier to use a refillable water bottle. Please don’t be tempted to re-use your Evian plastic bottle! A lot of the plastics used to make single-use bottles become toxic after multi-use and are not BPA safe!
    4. Swop your plastic toothbrush – Toothbrushes are hard to recycle as they are made from a multitude of materials (plastics containing crude oil and bristles made from nylon). The average human will use 156 toothbrushes in a lifetime. The solution? Non-plastic toothbrushes! I have been using The Environmental Toothbrush which is made from bamboo and love it! The quality is excellent and didn’t cost the earth (£3 at Brighton’s local health food shop, Infinity Foods).
    5. Stop buying food wrapped in plastic – Large supermarket chains have been wrapping fruit and vegetables in unnecessary plastic for a while now. It is convenient for shoppers to grab a non-recyclable bag of potatoes or a tray of tenderstem broccoli when they are on the go, but our laziness is hurting the environment. Most fruit and veg have their own natural wrapping and can be easily washed before eating. Selling an individual avocado on a little plastic tray wrapped in plastic is very unneeded. Marks and Spencer have taken note of this and started selling avocado unwrapped and with the barcode laser printed onto the skin, so no sticky labels needed. Ways you can help? Go to your local market or independent shop and buy local, seasonal, unpackaged fruit and veg! Tends to be cheaper and free from harmful chemical wrapping.

So there you have it! Our top 5 tips to reduce plastic waste. There are lots of other things you can do and you can find them here. If you have any tips on how to reduce plastic waste, please share in the comments below  🙂




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~ NEW IN ~ Charming In Check

How sweet are our new checked dresses? With stunning collar detailing, lace trimmed hem & 100% Cotton. All with matching hats!

Choose between our green and red dresses with lady bird design, our bumble bee in yellow and checked butterfly in navy blue.

The trickiest part is picking between the 4! What style would you choose?

Powell Craft x

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Jolly July ~Our Monthly Favourites~

“Far up in the deep blue sky.

Great white clouds are floating by,

All the world is dressed in green,
Many happy birds are seen,
Roses bright and sunshine clear,
Show that lovely July is here.”
By F. G. Sanders

 ~ Mindful thoughts, fashion, creative inspiration this July from us here at Powell Craft ~





Nautical Pinafore Dress

Mixed Floral Pinafore Dress

Birds of Paradise Strapped Pyjamas

~ Make time to be creative  ~


Go outside, grab a sketchbook and make art!

Art can be very therapeutic and an extremely relaxing activity. Even if you claim you didn’t get the ‘artistic gene’ everyone has their own way of expressing their creativity- and what a better way to soak up some sunshine!

Get the kids out too! Maybe go to a castle or for a walk in the forest and make stops to draw what you see and then compare your masterpieces!


Jodie Nightdress

Pirate cord dungarees

Blue Floral dress with lace trims


We are loving all the gorgeous recipes over at GREEN KITCHEN STORIES

Both their blog and published cook books are filled with divine, healthy, fresh eats!

We love their grilled BEET BURGERS! Perfect when hosting a nice BBQ.

J ump for joy

U plift others

L ove yourself

Y ou got this

We hope you all have a glorious summer 

  • – Powell Craft x
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Coconut Flour Pancake Recipe

Pancake day has now passed, but why not make pancake day EVERYDAY!

With our healthy but utterly delicious- super quick and simple coconut flour pancakes.

They make a lovely hearty filling breakfast and will keep you full until lunch time!

Serve them up fancy on our gorgeous porcelain plates.

Check our full range of kitchen & dining here.


4 eggs

1 cup of milk (cows milk or any plant based milk)

2 tea spoons of vanilla extract

1 tablespoon of honey

1/2 cup coconut flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon of sea salt

1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil or butter

Add whatever toppings you desire. We love the mix of fresh blueberries, gogi berries, shredded coconut flakes and honey.


  1. In a small bowl beat eggs until frothy for about 2 minutes. Mix in the milk, vanilla and honey
  2. In a medium-sized bowl combine the coconut flour, baking soda and sea salt and whisk together
  3. Then stir the wet mixture into the dry mixture until a beautiful thick consistency
  4. Heat a small pan over a medium-low heat with either your coconut oil or butter. Ladle a few table spoons of batter into the pan and spread lightly using the back of a spoon. The pancakes should be 2-3 inches in diameter and fairly thick.
  5. Cook for a few minuets on each side, until a lovely golden brown colour and flip and cook for an additional 2-3 minuets.
  6. Et voila- ready to serve. Add all the toppings you desire.

Enjoy x

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Our new Pony Range

Spring has sprung with our galloping new Pony range.  Launching our beautiful designed pony print on cotton nightwear and nursery items.



Our fantastic rain mac has had the pony treatment, perfect for splashing in the February showers!



Our soft cotton knitwear with appliqué and embroidery look stunning with the Pony motifs.


Our new Pony print is also on new melamine sets for babies and toddlers, bags and accessories.




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Teddies in Pyjamas

We are well known for our amazing range of beautiful rag dolls which really do make the perfect gift but if you are looking for a super soft sleeping companion for little ones our teddies are perfect.


New for this year are our dressed teddies wearing miniature versions of our best-selling children’s pyjamas – couldn’t be cuter!


The matching set would make a lovely Christmas gift – the teddies can be paired with our traditional cotton pyjamas, our slim-fitting cotton jersey pyjamas and our gorgeous nightdresses.




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Autumnal Cord Dresses

Now we’re all feeling like wrapping up, our cord pinafore dresses are easy to wear and perfect for an Autumn day when matched with woolly tights and a cardigan.


The dresses are available in a rainbow of corduroy colours with friendly appliquéd animals and ditsy floral trims. Favourites include the cat and mouse, fox and the jolly giraffe designs.


We also have cotton knit appliqué tops which look wonderful when worn with the dresses.



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Powell Craft launch new online shop

At Powell Craft we’re all delighted to announce the launch of our new online shop . Our new online store means that for the first time our full range of Powell Craft products are available to buy directly from us online, wherever you are in the world.

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful cotton nightdress, some gorgeous crockery for afternoon tea, one of our ever popular rag dolls or one of our beautiful children’s raincoats, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for, in stock at

With free standard UK delivery on all orders over £50, plus next day and worldwide delivery available why not have a browse and find something beautiful for yourself, your family or your friends…

For over 50 years at Powell Craft we’ve been a family run business, designing and manufacturing a beautiful range of hand made products that have been available through stockists worldwide.

We know that going into a shop to choose a gift is an exciting and enjoyable thing to do. We’ll continue to make sure our products are available in as many locations as possible (see our current range of stockists here) so that you can see and touch before you buy. But not everyone lives near a retailer and online shopping can be very convenient, so we’ve been working with our technical experts to bring you our new site.

We feel the time is right to launch our new online shop and make as wide a range of our beautiful hand made products available to purchase directly from us online. We’ve worked hard to get the experience online right for you, making sure the site works on smartphones and tablets and that delivery is quick and efficient.

We’ve been thinking about what extra things we can offer to make the online experience special, so please have a look around our new online shop and if you have any comments or thoughts, we’d love to hear from you, so why not get in touch and let us know what you think! Drop us an email