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Six Fun Activities To Do Now Spring Has Come

All in all everyone seems happier in springtime, the sky is looking a lot less grey,  flowers are starting to sprout and there is also much more to do. We think that the best way to enjoy this magical time of year is to spend as much time outside as possible so here are six fun activities that are great for all the family.

A Blustery Walk In The Woods

Woodlands in springtime are enchanting, there are often bluebells amongst the dead leaves giving you the feeling that summer is on its way. There is lots of fun to be had in the woods from tree climbing, flower picking, and camp building. However, the sun isn’t always shining during the spring- especially in England so it’s probably best to come prepared for the weather. Have a look at our gorgeous rainwear collection, you are bound to find something fit for the woods.


Powell Craft Rainwear


Host A Garden Party

Do you or someone close to you have a birthday during the spring? Hosting a party in your garden is a great way to celebrate a springtime birthday. Not only does it minimise mess in your house but it leaves room for children to play outside while you enjoy the warmer weather. Worried about decoration? Bunting is brilliant for outside and, if you are feeling really adventurous you could make your own using our specially designed fabric. We do also sell ready made bunting but making your own can be a fun activity to try with children.


Fairy Print Fabric


Go For A Teddy Bear’s Picnic 

Are you fed up of the kids running around inside all the time? Taking them for a Teddy Bear’s picnic is a brilliant way for children to play with their favourite toy and get out of the house at the same time. Have a look at our gorgeous collection of teddy bears you might find an extra guest that you want to invite…




Stroll Along The Seafront

If you are nearer the seaside than the woods then walking along the beach is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon especially if you have a newborn. The sound of the sea often calms down anxious children and the ocean air is great for clearing away any nasty bugs that are still lingering from the winter. Although, don’t forget to wrap up warm- it can get very windy. Our traditional pram blankets will keep your little one nice and cosy.




Make A Fairy Garden

Sometimes it can be too hectic to organise a big day out. So, playing in the garden can be just as fun especially if you want to do some gardening yourself. Children can often find their own garden a bit boring but, if there is a fun activity involved like building a home for the garden fairies, it can keep them occupied for hours.




Have A Sleepover

Kids burn a lot more energy when they are playing outside, so after all the fun daytime activities it can be nice to have a quiet evening in. Make sure you’ve got a classic Disney film, plenty of snacks and some cosy pyjamas, then you are good to go. We’ve got a wonderful range of nightwear for both adults and children… you never know, you might want to join in on the fun too!



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“Where’s Dolly” Competition Terms and Conditions

Last week we received a wonderful photo from Emily Palmer (age 6) with her rag doll collection. We’ve found that our ragdolls are very popular among our customers so we have decided to launch a competition for the chance to win a brand new rag doll of your choice.

Powell Craft Rag Dolls

How To Enter:

  • Post a picture of you and your favourite rag doll doing an exciting activity on Instagram, Pinterest Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag ‘#PowellCraftDolls’. It can be anything from a blustery trip to the beach or a fun day out go-karting- just as long as you are having fun!
  • We will sort through all the entries and pick a winner on Friday 8th April.

Disclaimer: Please note that by entering into this competition, you are giving us the permission to use your photo on our website, social media and our catalogue.


Good luck, and have lots of fun with your doll!

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Five Steps To Hosting The Perfect Tea Party

Most people will agree that the two major elements to hosting a tea party are tea, and lots of cake. However, hosting the perfect tea party takes time and preparation, and the key to a great one is creating the right atmosphere. Here are some quick steps you can follow to make sure that your party goes according to plan.

Step One: The Right China To Serve Your Tea
Don’t underestimate the power of having great china. You don’t necessarily have to have matching china but sticking to a colour scheme is probably a good idea. Subtle pastel colours like powder blue or pink work nicely for a tea party and, go very well with cake icing. Have a look at our Trafalgar porcelain range we’ve got everything, from sugar bowls to teapots that can make your table stand out. Dainty teacups like these are also great for serving loose leaf tea which will make your table seem even more luxurious.

Trafalgar Tea Cups


Step Two: A Variety Of Cake
You can forget the tea, we all know that the real reason people host tea parties is so that they can justify eating copious amounts of cake. If you are not much of a baker then simple cupcakes or biscuits with fancy icing will fool people into thinking that you were a finalist in last years Bake Off. If you are quite good with a whisk and spatula you could try catering for your friends who can’t normally eat cake, maybe some gluten free brownies or an egg free carrot cake. More importantly, the way you present your cakes will add to the whole ambiance of your event, our
powder pink cake stand will look stunning on your table.

Vintage cake stand

Step Three: Plenty of 
Remember, you are hosting a party, therefore decoration is a must. Something that works perfectly for daytime events like a tea party is bunting. Traditionally it’s used to decorate outside areas for things like village fetes. However, it can also look fabulous inside, and give you that summery feeling if you decide to host your tea party in the winter time. Bunting is also a brilliant way to portray what your tea party is celebrating. Bank holiday or birthday party, you are bound to find a style of bunting to fit the occasion.
 Union Jack Bunting Step Four:  Having Appropriate 
Table Decor
If you want to follow the more traditional style, lace is crucial to creating a perfect table setting. Doyleys are having a comeback, they are no longer something that sits on your great grandmother’s mantle piece but a key ingredient in creating that vintage style. Lace also looks beautiful with flowers which, are a must. Have a look at our gorgeous handmade lace table cloths and create the perfect vintage spread.

Vintage Lace Doyley

Step Five: Making it Child Friendly
Tea parties are great for family parties because they are almost always in the daytime, which means there will be no late nights and the children can enjoy the party just as much as the adults. It’s always good to have things to keep the children occupied, maybe some playground games for outside, or if it is cold you could create place settings for the children and their toys. Our rag dolls make the perfect tea party companion for any little girl or boy.

Handmade Rag Dolls